“Charley Vandenberg made Barrett’s dream of Division I college golf a reality. Finding a swing coach like Charley raised his golf game to a new level. Charley is able to polish the mechanics of a golf swing with sound fundamentals while empowering the mindset of the athlete. This is why my son’s game never suffers even as they have made changes in his swing. He has a gift for sharing his vast knowledge of the game in a concise delivery. I believe anything is possible with an excellent teacher like Charley for my son! He is a master of the golf swing….purveyor of positive thinking!”

– Laura Gagie Kelpin (Parent of Barrett Kelpin)

“We were very lucky to find Charley Vandenberg to teach golf to our son, Max Rispler. In his first year, Max has begun to fulfill some of his golf potential. As a 15 year old high school freshman, he placed 4th individually at the Division I Michigan State High School Championship leading his team to the team championship. Within the last two weeks, he has shot career lows of 69 in a very competitive men’s tournament and 67 to win one of the Adams Junior Tour Events by 9 shots.

More importantly, Max has matured and grown so much as a person under Charley’s tuttelage. Taking lessons from Charley is much more than getting better at golf, he cares about the kid’s sportsmanship and future. He has been a great resource and contact as Max tries to play in more competitive events.

As a physician, patients often ask the classic question when I refer them to another specialist. Would you have that person take care of your family member? We would recommend Charley to any other parent no matter what the interest or skill level of their child. In fact, Caleb, our 12 year old, has begun to take lessons from him, and we hope that Kacie, our 10 year old daughter, will catch the golf bug and start taking lessons from Charley soon.”

– Dr. David Rispler

“Charley is an incredible instructor. He has a great eye for the fundamentals of the golf swing. Taking lessons from Charley will greatly increase your chances of playing college golf. Hannah touched a golf club for the first time on June 20th, 2008. Thanks to Charley, she will be attending college in the fall of 2012 on a full ride scholarship playing at a Division 1 program.”

– Bart Lewis (Parent of top ranked high school golfer verbally committed to D1 program)

“I am a mid/high handicap golfer and since I began working with Charley, I can see a marked improvement in my overall game. More importantly, I now am able to practice with a purpose and no longer just beat golf balls on the driving range. Charley reinforces his lessons by providing a personalized DVD with the highlights of that day’s lesson. The DVD provides a reminder of what I am working at changing and how to go about it when I practice. The DVD is also great to refer to when I am trying to work out of one of those periods when I am in a slump.

Charley brings into his Golf Academy some of the best golf instructors in the world to conduct golf school opportunities together with him. This year Charley brought in 2009 PGA Teacher of the Year, Mike Bender, who works with PGA tour players Zach Johnson, Jonathan Byrd and Lee Jansen, and Mike Shannon, perhaps the most innovative putting instructor in the world.”

– Joseph R. Ekstrom, CLU, CEBS