Vandenberg Instruction calls the Thousand Oaks Golf Academy home and has produced a first class learning opportunity, featuring the latest innovative teaching equipment dedicated to making improvements to all facets of your golf game.

Located on the range at the acclaimed Thousand Oaks Golf Club, the facility features four large indoor bays with individual garage doors from which instruction and practice occurs onto the range year-round.

The Golf Academy is one of few midwest locations for the MEGSA Perfect Practice Equipment. These machines, utilized in two of the bays in the winter and outdoors in the spring, summer and fall, provide ultimate feel and develop muscle memory in a non-mechanical environment. Tour professionals, including Masters Champion Zach Johnson, are using MEGSA to improve their swings, and the machines are being heralded as among the most useful teaching devices available to date. Additionally, a TRACKMAN Launch Monitor provides swing specifics and fitting recommendations through the application of cutting edge Doppler Radar technology.

In season, video is captured remotely and downloaded into the V1 Video Software System incorporating state of the art computer, camera and monitor capabilities housed in the comfort of a teaching bay for instant analysis capabilities.  During inclement weather, Charley’s bay is fully equipped with three video cameras for down the line, face on, and back view considerations. Whether inside or out, during each lesson the student’s progress is demonstrated by both before and after instruction segments, as well as a summary outlining specifics trained and how to proceed post-lesson for maximum improvement potential.  The before, after, and summary sections are immediately sent to both the student’s e-mail and smart phone for future reference wherever or whenever desired.

One bay in the Academy is dedicated to putting improvement through the use of the TOMI Putting Analyzer. This state of the art computer/camera/software system incorporates video renderings to deliver a number of critical putting stroke characteristics including path, face rotation, contact point, backswing to forward swing rhythm, aim of face at address and impact, speed of putter at impact, etc. Once captured and compared to a database developed from the world’s finest putters, the student has an immediate roadmap to improvement.

Outdoors, the range at the Thousand Oaks practice area is secluded and pristine with huge tee pads unparalleled in Greater Grand Rapids. A panoramic view facing west to east gives tremendous vistas of the immense oak forest beyond. Unique to the facility and designed to hone a partial wedge shot is the Wedge Range, with eight concrete targets beginning at 30 yards and ending at 100, placed at ten yard intervals. Just south of the range is the Par Three Short Game area, complete with two additional greens complexes and bunkers. Add to the above quality range balls, a practice mirror, the True Stretch warm-up apparatus, and a swing plane board, and the Thousand Oaks practice area truly becomes one of the finest and best equipped facilities in the Midwest.

Winter Training – Owing to the location and design of the Golf Academy, there is no such thing as a rain day, and instruction is not hampered by accumulation of snow. Charley teaches year-round as the doors open to the outside when desired or stay closed with nets drawn. Students improve quickly when there isn’t pressure to perform the following day and their attention can be focused, not on ball flight, but instead on their body movement. Whether it be video analysis,  MEGSA perfect practice, TOMI putting or some of the many other feedback tools implemented, consider spending your “off season” productively. Whether your goals are to play better competitively or just enjoy the game more with your comrades, Vandenberg Instruction has what you need to move your game forward year-round.